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GAS Imports is a fun, fast paced and exciting environment to work in.
We have a dedicated, hardworking and professional team which is growing before our eyes. GAS Imports is always on the lookout for passionate people to join our growing business. PLEASE NOTE: Only apply if you are passionate and have ambition to work and grow with
GAS Imports Pty Ltd

We have an amazing job opportunity for you! This role is suited to someone who has a passion and general knowledge for motorcycles.
We are currently looking for a Full Time Employee for our Victorian warehouse These roles can change from picking and packing orders, to assisting with our day-to-day warehouse organizing duties and unpacking new stock.
What you need to apply:
    -Great people skills
    -A passion for motorcycles, business and achieving goals.
    -An amazing personality to communicate with other team members.
    -Picking and packing orders.
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